Android (Mobile App) Training In Pitampura Delhi

Java Overview

  •  Introduction to Java
  •  Object Oriented Concepts
  •  Exception and String Handling
  •  Multithreading

Android Overview and History

  • How it all got started.
  • Compare Android to other Mobile Platforms
  • Why Android is Important?

Android Stack

  • Overview of the Stack
  • Linux Kernel
  • Native Libraries
  • Dalvik Virtual Machine
  • Application Framework
  • Apps

SDK Overview

  • Platforms
  • Tools
  • Versions

Basic Building Block

  • Activity
  • Intent
  • Content Provider
  • Broadcast Receiver
  • Services


  • Creating your first App
  • App Directory
  • Structure Manifest File
  • Layout Resource
  • MVC in android
  • Android Virtual Device(Emulator)
  • Running your App on Emulator

Activity and Multi Media

  • What is Activity
  • Activity Lifecycle
  • How Activity introduce to Manifest
  • Handling User Events
  • Start Activity For Result
  • Media Player: Audio
  • Video View: Video

Layout and Menus

  • Views and Layouts
  • Common UI Component
  • Creating Menus
  • Setting colors and Background


  • Role of Intent
  • Types of Intent
  • Intent matching rules
  • Filters in your manifest


  • Toast Notifications
  • Custom Notifications
  • Dialog Boxes

Animation and Services

  • Frame Animation
  • Overview of services in Android
  • Implementing a Service
  • Service Life Cycle
  • Started Services Vs Bound Services

SQLite Database (Native)

  • Introduction to SQLite Database
  • SQLite Open Helper and Creating database
  • Opening and Closing a Database
  • Working with Cursor

Content Provider

  • Introduction to Content Provider
  • Defining URI for Provider
  • Content Provider MIME Types
  • Introduction to Content Resolver
  • Access Predefined Content Provider
  • Android Bluetooth
  • Android Camera

Advance Android (Hybrid App.)

Location Based Services

  • Working with the location Based Services (API)
  • Working with the location – manager
  • Configuring the Emulator to Test Location –Based service

Android Telephony

  • Lunching the Dialer to Initiate Phone
  • Calls Replacing the Native Dialer
  • Reading Phone Device Details

Web Interaction

  • Http Client & Http response
  • Async Task
  • Connecting with mySQL database
  • Downloading image from server
  • Uploading image to server


  • JSON Parsing
  • Connectivity with Remote Database Server


  • How Sensors work
  • Type of sensors

Date Storage

  • Shared Preferences
  • Internal Storage (Files)
  • External Storage(SD Card)
  • SQLite Databases

Wi Fi

  • Monitoring and managing Internet connectivity
  • Managing active connections
  • Managing Wi Fi

Publishing Android Application

  • Generate .apk file and upload on device
  • Working with google play.
  • Understanding App Marketing


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