Bootstrap Training In Pitampura Delhi

Basics Of Bootstrap

  • Why Bootstrap?
  • What is Bootstrap?
  • Responsive Web Design(RWD) an overview.
  • Download and getting started with Bootstrap.
  • Structure of Bootstrap Application.

Bootstrap Grid System

  • Introduction to Grid System, Default and Fluid Grid System.
  • Designing a grid system for desktop/ tablets /smart phones.
  • Nesting and Offsetting columns.
  • Reordering of columns using push and pull.

Bootstrap Components

  • Page Components
  • Using page headers and panels.
  • Adding Media Objects, Thumbnails.
  • Creating and adding list group.
  • Navigation Components
  • Navs, Navbars and Breadcrumbs.

Working with Forms

  • Form layouts. Form Controls. Form sizing.

Bootstrap CSS

  • Typography, Tables, Label.
  • Buttons, Glyphicons, Wells, Badges.

Bootstrap plugins

  • (For functionality)
    • Dropdowns
    • Alert messages
    • Buttons.
  • (For managing content)
    • Tooltip. Popovers
  • (For Look and Feel)
    • Carousel, Modals

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