“Diploma in Software Engineering”


Course Syllabus

Module 1: Programming Through C language

  • Data Types, Variable, Constants, Keywords, Types of Errors
  • Condition Checking (if-else, Switch-Case)
  • Loops (While, For, Do-while)
  • Use of GOTO, Break and Continue
  • Nesting of Loops (Pyramids, Pascal Triangle, etc.)
  • Functions (Pointers, Recursion)
  • Array(1-D, 2-D), Pointer and Arrays, Sorting Techniques
  • String , String handling functions (strcpy, strlen, strcmp, strcat, strlwr, etc.)
  • Structures and Unions
  • Structure Pointer, Array in Structure,Nested Structure
  • File Handling in ‘C’ Language

Module 2: Object Oriented Programming through C++

  • Object and Classes, Structure Vs. Classes
  • Passing Object to function
  • Constructors & Destructors (Copy Constructor, Constructor Overloading)
  • Operator Overloading (Unary, Binary etc.)
  • Data Encapsulation/Data Hiding, Access Specifiers
  • Inheritance (Multi-Level, Hybrid, Multiple Inheritance), Function Overriding
  • Friend Class, Friend Functions
  • Polymorphism (Virtual Functions)
  • Working With Files (File Handling), Exception Handling

Module 3: Database Management Using MySQL

  • RDBMS Terms (Attribute, Record, Entity, etc.), Integrity Constraints, Data Types
  • Types of SQL Commands (DDL, DML, DCL)
  • Where, Distinct, Having, Order by, Group by, Order By
  • Nested Queries, Set Operations, Grant and Revoke, Nested Queries
  • Special Operator, Joins, Table aliases, Unions, MySQL Security

Module 4:  (ANY ONE SUB-MODULE  CAN BE CHOSEN FROM 4.1 or 4.2)

    • Dreamweaver, HTML & HTML (5.0)
      • HTML Tags, Attributes, Headings, List, Image, Hyperlink, Frames, Form, Table
      • HTML5 Semantic Attributes, HTML5 SVG element
      • Audio Tag, Video tag, New Form Elements, Canvas
      • Drag and Drop API, Geo-location, HTML5 Compatibility
    • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS 3 & 5)
      • Backgrounds, Box Model, Dimension, Pseudo-class, Pseudo-element
      • Navigation Bar Image Gallery, Image Opacity
      • Gradients, Shadows, 2D & 3D Transforms
      • Progress Bars, Multistep Form, Animations, Image Slideshow
      • Overlay effect, Fixed Menu Bars, Animation Button, Vertical tabs
    • Java Script
      • About JavaScript and version, Variable in JavaScript, JavaScript operator
      • Condition Check (If-else statement), Switch statement
      • Loop (While Loop, Do while Loop, For Loop)
      • Function, Array, Strings
      • Error Handling, Event Handling, JavaScript Objects
  • 4.2:  CORE JAVA   (PREREQUISITE  for MODULE 5.2  or 5.3)
    • Operators (Arithmetic, Relational, Bitwise, Unary; Operator precedence)
    • Control Statements
    • If – else, Switch case, Iteration Statements-Loops), Break, Continue
    • Classes and Objects
    • Constructor Overloading, Method Overloading
    • Inheritance (Multilevel hierarchy, Method overriding, Abstract classes)
    • Packages and Interfaces (Defining packages, Set CLASSPATH, Implementing interface)
    • Threads and Multithreaded programming (Creating and extending threads, Multiple threads, Using isAlive() and join())
    • String handling
    • Input output classes and interfaces (Files , Stream class, Byte Stream, Character Stream)

Module 5: Website /Desktop Application/Mobile App Development

(Any one Module from 5.1/5.2/5.3 can be chosen)

  • 5.1:  Python & Django
    • Conditional, Looping, Control Statements (if, if-elif, for, while, break, continue, pass, range())
    • Mutable And Immutable Data Types
      • String, Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries
    • Functions (Types, Function Arguments, Lambda functions, Global and local variable)
    • Modules (Creating and importing module, math module, random module) & Packages
    • File Handling, Exception Handling
    • OOPS Concept (Classes & Object, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Encapsulation)
    • Regular Expressions (Match function, Search function, Patterns)
    • Python MYSQL Database Access
    • Thread (Synchronizing threads, Multithreaded priority queue)
    • NUMPY Module
      • Creation of 1D, 2D Array
    • MATPLOTLIB Module
      • Plotting Graphs, Line Graph
      • Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Histogram
    • GUI Programming (Tkinter Programming, Tkinter Widgets)
    • DJANGO Framework
      • MVT, Django Model, Django View, Django Template
      • URL Mapping, Static file configuration
      • Forms Creation (Model Forms, Django Forms, Get & Post, Validation)
      • Sessions and Cookies, Django CRUD
      • File Uploading and Database Connectivity in Django
      • CSV and PDF file creation, Mail Setup
  • 5.2:  Advance Java and J2EE
    • Applets, Swing, AWT, Layout Manager
    • Adapter Classes, Database Connectivity
    • Static Website Development
    • Dynamic website development (Java EE)
    • Servlets
    • JSP (Java Server Pages)
    • JDBC (Java database connectivity)
      • Types of Drivers, SQL Database
      • File Uploading and Downloading
    • Sending email using JavaMail API
    • AJAX, Asynchronous Java Script and XML
    • Using Captcha, Security, Webservices
    • MVC (Design Pattern)
    • Struts 2
    • Spring
    • Hibernate
      • ORM, POJOS, CRUD , Reverse Engineering
    • Introduction to Cloud Computing
  • 5.3: Android    
    • Android Stack, SDK Overview
    • Activity and Multi Media
    • Layout and Menus, Intent, Notifications
    • Animation and Services
    • SQLite Database (Native), Content Provider
    • Android Bluetooth, Camera, Telephony
    • Location Based Services, Web Interaction
    • JSON, Sensors, Data Storage, Wi Fi
    • Publishing Android Application
    • Understanding App Marketing

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