jQuery Training In Pitampura Delhi

Benefits of jQuery

  • Cross-browser Compatibility, CSS3 Selectors
  • Helpful Utilities, jQuery UI, Plugins
  • Keeping Markup Clean, Widespread Adoption

Downloading and Including jQuery

  • Downloading jQuery, The Google CDN
  • Nightlies and Subversion
  • Uncompressed or compressed?

Anatomy of a jQuery Script

  • The jQuery Alias
  • Dissecting a jQuery Statement

Selecting: The Core of jQuery

  • Simple Selecting
  • Narrowing Down Our Selection
  • Testing Our Selection, Filters
  • Selecting Multiple Elements


  • Custom Lightboxes,
  • Troubleshooting with console.log
  • ColorBox: A Lightbox Plugin
  • Cropping Images with Jcrop


  • Cross-fading Slideshows, Scrolling Slideshows
  • iPhoto-like Slideshow widget


  • Expandable/Collapsible Menus
  • Open/Closed Indicators
  • Menu Expand on Hover
  • Drop-down Menus

Accordion Menus

  • A Simple Accordion, Multiple-level Accordions
  • jQuery UI Accordion

Decorating: CSS with jQuery

  • Reading CSS Properties
  • Setting CSS Properties, Classes

Enhancing: Adding Effects with jQuery

  • Hiding and Revealing Elements,
  • Progressive Enhancement, Adding New Elements
  • Removing Existing Elements, Modifying Content
  • Basic Animation: Hiding and Revealing with Flair
  • Callback Functions


  • Basic Tabs
  •  jQuery UI Tabs

Panels and Panes

  • Slide-down Login Form
  •  Sliding Overlay


  • Simple Tooltips
  •  Advanced Tooltips

Construction and Best Practices

  • Cleaner jQuery
  • Client-side Templating


  • Simple Form Validation, Check All Checkboxes
  • Form Validation with the Validation Plugin
  • Maximum Length Indicator, Form Hints


  • Animating CSS Properties, Colour Animation
  • Easing, Bouncy Content Panes
  • The Animation Queue, Chaining Actions
  • Pausing the Chain, Animated Navigation
  • The jQuery User Interface Library


  • The ‘scroll’ Event, Floating Navigation
  • Scrolling the Document, Custom Scroll Bars


  • The resize Event
  •  Resizable Elements


  • Date Picker
  • Sliders, Drag and Drop
  • jQuery UI sortable, Progress Bar


  • jQuery UI Selectables
  • Sorting Lists
  • Manipulating Select Box Lists


  • Fixed Table Headers
  • Repeating Header
  • Data Grids
  • Selecting Rows wit

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