Certificate In UI-UX Training In Pitampura Delhi

Duration : ( 6 MONTHS)


  • Layers, Channel, Tools, Color Adjustment, Background Effects, Digital Object Painting
  • Retouching Objects, Layer Mask, Vector Mask, Clipping Mask, Quick Mask
  • Texture Advance Editing, Portfolio, Book Cover, Flyer, Background Designing By Brush
  • Still Life Painting, Digital Painting, Digital Graphics (Logo & Cartoons)
  • Creating Layouts, Backgrounds, Web Graphics

MORPHING (Face Mixing, Face Change, Face Effects)


  • Layer’s, path finder, Symbol’s, Logo, Template designing, Glowshine Effects
  • 3D text effect, Creating Object Palette, Edit 3D Object and Symbol
  • Tracing (cartoons & logo), Avg filter(intro), Background Effects


Introduction to Figma:

  • Figma Dashboard, Figma Tools, Layers and Pages, The Top bar
  • Design Properties, Prototyping in FIGMA
  • Exercise: Creating a responsive layout

 User Flow

  • Speedup workflow with components, Creating own user flows
  • Creating Wireframe, Home Page, Product Page, Cart Page
  • Prototyping in FIGMA, Linking a Quick User Flow, Working on small interactions

Spacing and Grids

  • Responsive Grid and Breakpoints
  • Creating Own Grid in Figma, Grid Guidelines


  • Serif, Sans Serif, Display and Mono, Choosing a Typeface
  • Creating our own type system


  • Creating Components, Creating Registration form
  • Responsive Components, Editing Instance

Visual Assets

  • Photos in Figma, Figma Plugins and Icons, Custom Icons


Creating New Files & Designing on a Grid

  • Setting up Artboards, Importing text, Creating colored backgrounds for text

Adjusting the Layout for Tablets & Mobile Phones

  • Designing with Bootstrap’s grid
  • Adapting the design for tablets
  • Adapting the design for mobile phones

Importing & Cropping Photos

  • Importing photos & default scaling, Importing a photo as an image fill
  • Crop a photo, Rounding corners

Importing Vector Graphics, Color Swatches, Shadows

  • Importing & modifying vector graphics, Layer opacity vs. fill opacity
  • Aligning & distributing layers , Reusing colors (color swatches), Adding a drop shadow

Creating & Editing Character Styles

Repeat Grids

  • Creating a Repeat Grid, Customizing the content, Adjusting the design

Symbols (Reusable Elements)

  • Creating & editing symbols, Detaching from a symbol, Symbols versus Repeat Grids
  • Overriding content in a symbol vs. globally updating all symbols

Turning a Design into a Clickable Prototype

  • Linking between art boards, Creating an overlay, Previewing the prototype
  • Background blur

Exporting Assets for Web: SVG, JPEG, & PNG

  • Exporting individual assets, Exporting Art boards

Sharing XD Files (For Review, Developers, etc.)

  • Sharing an XD file, Commenting on shared files
  • Pinning a comment, Updating an existing shared file, Sharing for Development,

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