Certificate In Visual Effects & Sound Editing Training In Pitampura Delhi

DURATION: 30 CLASSES X 2 Hr 10 Weeks x 2 Hrs X Alternate Days

    • Navigate Premiere Pro, Create and open projects, Work with files
    • Import media into Premiere Pro, Organize your media once it’s imported
    • Use the Timeline for video and audio tracks, Edit tracks in the Timeline
    • Create sequences and nested sequences, Add animation and other effects
    • Add transitions, Use the color-correction tools, Sync clips from multiple cameras



    • Animation Basics
    • Logo Animation, Text Animation, Slide Show Animation
    • Color Grading, Tracking
    • Blending modes and Layer Styles
    • 3D Layers, Tracking 3D camera movement
    • Overview of Shape Layers, Paths and Vector Graphics
    • Creating Shapes and Masks, Green Screen Removal
    • Setting, Selecting, and Deleting Keyframes
    • Camera Settings, Assorted Animation Tools, Accelerated Effects
    • Fire Effect, Glowing Animation, etc.
    • Editing, Moving, Copying Keyframes, Motion Graphics
    • Basics of Rendering, Exporting and Converting Movies


  • ADOBE Audition (Sound Effects)
    • File Handling, Editing in an audio file (Cut & Copy)
    • Recording and Mixing with Song, Multi Track Mixing
    • Spectral Display editor for Noise Reduction, Spectral Frequency editor
    • Bass & Voice Handling
    • Audio Effects, Audio waveform editing
    • Sound Design, Audio Restoration, Music Recording, etc.
    • Start & End Fade, speed handling, etc.


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