Website Designing

Certificate In Website Designing Training In Pitampura Delhi

Duration : ( 6 MONTHS)

  • DREAMWEAVER                   
  • HTML & HTML (5.0)
    • HTML Tags, Attributes, Headings, List, Image, Hyperlink, Frames, Form, Table
    • HTML5 Semantic Attributes, Audio Tag, Video tag, New Form Elements, Canvas
    • HTML5 SVG element, Drag and Drop API, Geolocation, HTML5 Compatibility
  • Cascading Style Sheet (CSS 3 & 5)
    • Backgrounds,  Box Model,  Dimension,  Pseudo-class,  Pseudo-element
    • Navigation Bar Image Gallery,  Image Opacity,  Gradients,  Shadows
    • 2D & 3D Transforms, Animations, Image Slideshow, Image Hover Overlay
    • Animation Button, Vertical tabs, Overlay effect, Rounded Corners
    • About JavaScript and version, Variable in JavaScript, JavaScript operator
    • Condition Check (If-else statement), Switch statement
    • Loop (While Loop, Do while Loop, For Loop)
    • Function, Array, Strings
    • Error Handling, Event Handling, JavaScript Objects
    • Anatomy of a jQuery Script
    • Selecting: The Core of jQuery
    • Images, Slideshows, Menus , Panels and Panes
    • Decorating: CSS with jQuery
    • Enhancing: Adding Effects with jQuery
    • Tabs, Forms, Animating , Resizing, Scrolling
    • Lists & Tables
  • BOOTSTRAP (Designing a Mobile Responsive Website)
    • Structure of Bootstrap Application Responsive Web Design(RWD)
    • Using page headers and panels, Adding Media Objects, Thumbnails
    • Grid, Forms, Plugins, Navigation Components, Bootstrap CSS, etc.


  • CPANEL (Uploading Website on Server)
  • Digital Marketing (S.E.O.) Introduction


Complementary Concept:


          LIVE PROJECT                 (DESIGNING A WEBSITE)

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