Wordpress (CMS) Training In Pitampura Delhi

WordPress (CMS) Training

  • Installing and configuring WordPress
  • Comparing WordPress 3.0 with previous versions
  • Setting up a PHP WordPress development environment
  • Exploring WordPress plugins
  • Administering plugins from the WordPress admin
  • Exploring where plugins reside
  • Introduction to hooks
  • Creating the plugin PHP file(s)
  • More on hooks Actions and filters
  • Installation and activation
  • Writing activation code
  • Writing an action
  • Writing a filter
  • About pluggable functions
  • Writing a pluggable function
  • Using template tags
  • Introducing shortcode
  • Widgets and the WordPress Widgets SubPanel
  • Comparing widgets and plugins
  • Using and customizing built-in widgets
  • Creating a new widget
  • Writing the constructor and registering widgets
  • Enabling configuration of widgets
  • Creating an admin interface
  • Saving data to the database
  • Securing form submission with nonces
  • Options editing post-WordPress 2.7
  • Integrating with the WordPress admin menus
  • WordPress admin dashboard API
  • Using existing options and option editing pages in WordPress
  • Using jQuery and AJAX for administration
  • Accessing the WordPress database
  • Using the built-in schema
  • Accessing data using $wpdb
  • Creating new tables
  • Inserting data
  • Introducing the Loop
  • Using WP_Query()
  • Custom filtering and sticky posts
  • Using JQuery and AJAX for posts and pages
  • Registering and promoting plugins
  • Creating an uninstall function
  • Backward compatibility issues
  • Understanding security issues
  • Internationalizing your plugin.

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