``C`` Language Training In Pitampura Delhi


Course Syllabus

Basics of ‘C’ Language

  • History and Features of C, Importance of C, About Procedural Language
  • Role of Compiler, Role of Interpreter, The Structure of a C Program.
  • Writing C Programs, Building an Executable Version of a C Program
  • Types of Errors , Debugging a C Program.

An Overview of ‘C’ And Buzzwords

  • Data Types, Variable, Constants , Key words
  • Input and Output Operators, Reading/Writing Character
  • Formatted input/output Function

Various Types of Operators

  • ‘C’ Arithmetic Operators (Remainder Operator ‘%’ etc.)
  • Unary, Binary, Ternary Operator (Conditional Operator)
  • Logical Operators (AND, OR, NOT)
  • Relational Operators (<,>, <=, >= etc.)
  • Bitwise Operators

Condition Checking

  • The IF…..ELSE Statement, Nesting of IF…..ELSE Statements
  • Implementation of Logical operators with IF-Else.
  • USE of SWITCH-CASE Statements

Loops (Iterative Statements)

  • While
  • For
  • Do – While
  • Implementation of Conditions (If-Else) within Loop
  • Use of GOTO, Break and Continue
  • Nesting of Loops (Pyramids , Pascal Triangle etc.)

Functions in ‘C’

  • Function Basics, Advantage of Function
  • Function Returning Values
  • Recursion
  • Function Calling (Call by Value, Call by Reference, Call by Pointer)
  • Designing Your Own Header File
  • Function Overloading, Passing Default Arguments to Function

Storage Classes in ‘C’

  • Automatic, Register, Static, Global (Extern)
  • Application of storage Classes

Preprocessor (Macro)

  • Macro Expansion
  • Macros with arguments
  • Macros vs Functions

Pointers in ‘C’

  • Declaring and Initializing Pointers
  • Pointer to pointer
  • Pointers with Functions (Call By Pointer)
  • Pointer Arithmetic

Array in ‘C’

  • One Dimension Arrays, Two Dimension Arrays, Multi Dimensions Array
  • Pointer and Arrays
  • Passing Array to Function
  • Sorting Techniques (Bubble Sort, Selection Sort etc.)
  • Array Multiplication, Addition Subtraction etc.

String in ‘C’

  • Initializing String
  • String handling functions (strcpy, strlen, strcmp, strcat, strlwr, strupr etc.)
  • Passing string to function
  • Sorting Techniques (Bubble Sort, Selection Sort etc.)
  • Manipulating String
  • Unformatted Functions to work with strings and characters

Structures and Unions

  • Defining a Structure, Size (Memory) of Structure, Initialization of Structure
  • Array of Structure objects, Structure Pointer, Array in Structure
  • Nested Structure (Structure within Structure)
  • Passing Structure to Function, Function returning Structure
  • Unions
  • Structure Vs Unions

ENUM, Typedef, Type Casting

Escape Sequences in ‘C’

Introduction to Link List (Dynamic Memory allocation)

  • Dynamic Memory Allocation(Malloc, Calloc, Realloc, Free etc.)
  • Concepts of Linked Lists
  • Creating a Linked Lists, Inserting/Deleting an item in Linked List
  • Applications of Linked Lists

File Handling in ‘C’

  • File Management, File Pointers
  • Opening/Closing a File , Operations on File (Read, Write, Append etc.)
  • Text File and Binary File
  • Input/Output operations on Files
  • Error Handling During I/O Operations
  • Command Line Arguments

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